We offer a full range of engineering services to developments of all type, from roads to high rise buildings, commercial or domestic. Using latest available technology (robotic total stations), supplemented with GPS systems where necessary, our aim is to provide error free setting out, on time and on budget. We place a strong emphasis on using electronic drawings to eliminate human error and increase efficiency while on site, the volume of work being considerably higher and more accurate than the traditional methods. Our site  setting out engineers come fully equipped, with access to laptops, software and other devices to facilitate the engineering process.


This is a critical stage in any project. With our knowledge and advanced equipment we can produce and more importantly, maintain site control throughout the whole life cycle of the project. Clear records of site control will be kept and passed onto clients, main contractors, subcontractors, as and when required. This will ensure that whoever is involved in the setting out of the project, the highest levels of accuracy can be achieved. We can: establish Primary Survey Control, including best fit with existing building structure, check and audit existing Primary Survey Control established by others, establish level datum and/or transfer accordingly. HertsEngineering can offer you a professional level of support during the construction process, based on our expertise, knowledge and advanced technology.